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Our Practice Profile

Practice History

Cuba Financial Group was founded in 1983 by Richard R. Cuba 

Target Market/ Scope of Service

Cuba Financial Group focuses on helping individuals and business owners make work optional. We are a team of independent Certified Wealth Strategist® professionals that comprehensively address wealth management issues of affluent individuals including:

  • Asset and Investment Management
  • Insurance and Protection Strategies
  • Liabilities and Debts
  • Qualified Retirement Plans & IRA Distribution Plans
  • Corporate Executive Stock Option Planning
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Gifting Strategies to Children and Descendents
  • Charitable Gifting During Life
  • Titling of Assets / Estate Management
  • Executor / Successor Trustee Issues
  • Distribution Plan to Spouse / Beneficiaries at Death
  • Charitable Inclinations at Death

Significant Business Decision

Remaining an independent practice for almost 35 years has given us the ability to offer the most unique wealth management planning strategies possible. This decision has been instrumental in growing our business into what it is today.

Corporate Culture

Enhancing the lives of our clients is the most important part of the mission of the Cuba Financial Group.

Setting the Practice Apart

We approach financial planning as true wealth management specialists, not just as “financial advisors”. Our knowledge, technical know-how, and ability to effectively communicate our planning strategies to our clients set us apart.

Addressing Industry Changes

The financial industry is always changing. As it does, we have committed to continually improve our knowledge, skills, and expertise through nationally recognized continuing education and Masters Programs offered by some of the most well respected companies in the industry.

Best Practices

Although we have extensive knowledge in critical wealth management issues that people face today, we do not hold ourselves out to be experts in every field of study. Therefore, utilizing the expertise of professionals in accounting, law, and banking allows us to create the most comprehensive and well-rounded financial plan for our clients and their families.