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Live Purposefully, Work Diligently, and Give Generously

The Midwest is often referred to as “God’s Country”, and as those who live here can attest, it’s for good reasons. Whether it is the friendly people, beautiful scenery, or pace of life, there is a higher power present in this area of the country. Midwesterners value family, friendship, and hard work. They are sincere and common-sense people interested in giving their time, talents, and treasures to others. They’re coaches, volunteers, and generous donors who support their churches, charitable organizations, and others in need. People here have a purpose, one that is oftentimes much greater than themselves. Midwesterners are connected by the mission of making their respective communities a better place.

For these reasons, Cuba Financial Group is proud to call this community our home.  It is also for these reasons that our team loves to come to work each day.  “For the last thirty-five years it has been our mission to empower our clients to fulfill their life’s purpose”, says Rick Cuba, co-owner and founder of Cuba Financial Group.  “Our daily purpose has been helping families to live theirs.” 

As financial advisors serving the Greater Southeast Missouri and St. Louis areas, we take great pride in simplifying the financial lives of our clients, strategizing ways to help them efficiently grow, protect, and distribute their wealth.  Working with the third and fourth generations of our original clients, deeply rooted in our mission is the desire and need to develop lasting relationships with entire families, getting to know them on a much deeper level than most. 

“As financial advisors focused on generational planning, it’s imperative for us to provide services centered on the most important values of the families we advise,” says Tyler Cuba, co-owner of Cuba Financial Group.  “It is one of the main reasons we do not position ourselves as advisors to everyone.  To deliver the level of expertise and service that we do, it’s just not possible.”  There is a level of intimacy we prefer as a means of truly understanding our clients and developing a specialization to meet those challenges. 

We take a more specialized approached when it comes to financial planning and wealth management.  For this reason, we have been blessed to work with clients across the country, developing lasting relationships with clients no matter the distance.  In many ways, we have been able to develop these new relationships because of the Midwestern values we represent.  To us, it is our way of spreading “God’s Country” across the country. 

Hanging on our office wall is a constant reminder of the mission of Cuba Financial Group.  The handwritten financial plan Rick put together for his family in 1982 is still a perfect reflection of the guiding principles of Cuba Financial Group today: Live Purposefully, Work Diligently and Give Generously.