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Second Opinion Service

In this challenging economy you probably know a friend, family member or colleague who may be in a complex situation or just unhappy with the advice from their financial advisor – it’s not uncommon.

Recent studies have shown that over 80% of affluent investors would value a second opinion.

Working with a Team that Redefines Wealth Management

Ask ten investors to define wealth management. Actually, ask ten "wealth managers” to do so. You’ll almost definitely get ten different answers, and most likely are to be heavily focused on investing. As a client of Cuba Financial Group, however, you benefit from a cutting-edge team that has a clear and comprehensive vision of wealth management.

Our Consultative Process

We approach each new engagement as a collaborative process. This allows us to have an open dialogue in which we learn about your values and goals - Total Client Profile - while working with you to tailor a plan to help meet them. Each of the five steps below are significant in helping you determine if we are the right fit for your wealth management needs and are significant in our client experience.

Full Client Experience

What to expect from our Second Opinion Service Offering

Your offering includes our initial Discovery Meeting and then an invitation back for your Wealth Management Plan Meeting. During this meeting, it is our hope that we can confirm you are on the right track to meet your values and goals. If needed, however, we will suggest ways in which we can help and make recommendations for how to optimize your financial situation.

Either way, you will receive both a complimentary Total Client Profile and personalized analysis of your current situation - a value in excess of $3,000.

Second Opinion Service

Let us help you or those you care about most. Contact us today.