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Private Client Services (PCS)

Working with a Team that Redefines Wealth Management 

Ask ten investors to define wealth management. Actually, ask ten "wealth managers” to do so. You’ll almost definitely get ten different answers, and most are likely to be heavily focused on investments. As a client of Cuba Financial Group, however, you benefit from a cutting ­edge team that has a clear and comprehensive vision of wealth management. 

For clients with a minimum of $250,000 of investable assets and / or a net worth in excess of $1 million, Cuba Financial Group delivers a comprehensive client experience that focuses on three significant components of wealth management ­- Asset and Investment Management, Advanced Planning, and Relationship Management -­ that are paramount in one’s overall wealth management plan. 

Our wealth management team focuses on the specific wealth management concerns of the affluent individual and family. Delivering a wealth management plan that responds to their needs with accurate and timely solutions is critical. We coordinate with a well­-established Advanced Planning Group, and collectively we determine appropriate solutions to sophisticated financial issues. Our collective team of legal and financial professionals enables us at Cuba Financial Group to deliver our clients the exceptional experience they deserve. 

Cuba Financial Group integrates 13 Wealth Management Issues we have identified as being essential to grow, protect, and distribute your wealth. Though each issue may not be applicable to you, the comprehensive set of issues will allow us, as your personal wealth management advisor, to work with you to uncover gaps which should be addressed and to apply strategies to help improve your financial situation. 

No matter your location, Cuba Financial Group provides you the tools, resources, and applications to receive an exceptional level of service and the client experience you deserve. Because of our high-­touch and personalized experience for each client, we limit the number of new clients we take on in any given year. This is done in an effort to continue to deliver this experience and provide you the most up ­to ­date and appropriate solutions for you to manage and protect your wealth.

If you are interested in joining our exclusive Private Wealth Management client family, please connect with us to learn more and discover how we will walk you through our customized wealth management consultative process to determine how we can help empower you to greater wealth.